About Me

I work as a software engineer in the Pacific Northwest and write on the side, when I am not commuting, coaching FIRST Robotics, or obsessively following political news.

My old blog is visible here. I grew up in fundamentalist, patriarchal Christianity and most of the latter days of the old blog were spent grappling with such charming ideas as: Are women inferior? Can women have a different prescribed role and still be 'equal'? Is it moral for women to go to college?
These questions were later replaced by even more upsetting ones such as whether God is good or loving, whether humans can trust any portion of their human understanding, and how people who genuinely want to do the right thing are sometimes able to cause great suffering.

While I have profound respect and gratitude for individuals such as Rachel Held Evans and Bailey Steger who advocate powerfully for social justice within the Christian tradition, I am unable to call myself a Christian any longer. Nor am I particularly interested in debating whether I'm going to hell or whether what I left was 'true' Christianity. I have heard and made many of those same arguments myself.

I anticipate writing about feminism, the intersection of politics and religion, and perhaps STEM education and mentoring.

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