Wednesday, December 11, 2013

To the airport!

Finals are all done, all passed with good grades I think, and I am preparing to depart for the wintry hinterland that is the West Coast….they have had 8 inches of snow (which we haven't had in my whole memory) and multiple days below freezing. My flight leaves on Saturday morning, and I had difficulty finding a ride, so I will be heading out to the airport sometime Friday.
Just think of the joys of spending the night in the flipping airport….ick ick. I am trying to gird up the loins of my mind against the misery of sleeping in the airport. Travel is always an epic day-long saga, but this time it will be an epic two-day-long saga.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


"How may I help you panic? Allow me to assist you!"
The above was my response to my beloved roommate indicating that she needed help panicking over final exams/projects. I don't believe we reached a consensus as to whether that would be better accomplished by my calmly talking her through the alarm, or running screaming through the house with her.
It has been bitter cold here lately: it fits well with the general mood of crisis, but roommate's string of Christmas lights on the tree outside the apartment does make things festive. We have had a round of festivities here: a little party for the gals in the apartment Friday night, visiting a recently-married friend, trip to the mall, and chai party last night, apartment mates + their boyfriends for brisket dinner tonight, and the gala event of Finals Eve celebrations later this evening. 

Chai party is a fabulous event in which fellow students walk in masses to the just-off-campus home of a professor (or possibly just an alum…I am still not sure), there to shiver, toast marshmallows and fingers, and drink copious amounts of chai tea until the midnight hour. At last month's party I unwisely consumed about 3 cups of the stuff (it is so doctored up with milk and sugar that you don't realize you're drinking a lot of TEA). Much, much later that night I was positively twitching as I talked to my roommate at 80 mph hehe *twitch twitch-twitch-twitch*. 

Finals Eve starts with a candlelit prayer and praise service at 9, progresses to the student center at 10 for the all-campus Christmas party, and winds up at 11 with Midnight Pizza Breakfast. Finals, of course, start tomorrow. But really--would anybody be going to bed before midnight anyways? 

Also, festive is the word of the day…or week….word of the month, actually. I just love that word! FESTive……it just sounds like a party! It makes you want to just FEST all over the place!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Struggling in Kansas City

…Struggling with the hotel ironing board, that is. I am ensconced in a hotel in Kansas City, prior to interviewing with a local software company, and I just spent a goodly amount of time attempting to close the ironing board on which I lately had ironed my spiffy-clothes for the morrow.
   Now, I have closed plenty of ironing boards in my time; and by 'plenty' I mean 'the single ironing board we have always had, which apparently closes differently than most other ironing boards, particularly the one in my hotel room in Kansas City'. There were two little metal rods which clearly controlled the operation of the board, but for all my twiddling I couldn't figure how they did this.
Youtube, fortunately, held the answer.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hello World!

I've been in college--it has been very good, overall. (Good grief, it feels awkward to post here for the first time…is anyone reading? Leave a comment? :) ) Still majoring in computer science!

I am trying to line up a software internship for this coming summer--flying cross-country this weekend for the interview on-site! Very exciting!

I am attempting NaNoWriMo for the first time since my epic adventure with it four years ago. Let's just say, I am pretty far behind….but then who is ever caught up with NaNo?

In other news……if you haven't heard…..Doug Phillips resigned from Vision Forum Ministries, which subsequently closed its doors! (Note that he is still the head of Vision Forum Inc….not to worry, your purchases of gender-specific toys will still further his 200 year plan!) The man had been having an affair for an estimated 6 to 10 YEARS. Various sources are confirming that this woman was involved in furthering his stay-at-home-daughter movement. Imagine the hypocrisy of this man, who has been preaching purity and protection while all the time engaging in an 'inappropriately romantic and affectionate' relationship with a woman not his wife.

Let's not forget that women in the Vision Forum cult are taught to believe that they must always be under a man's authority, that the men in their lives can virtually do no wrong, that they themselves are more easily deceived….I doubt that the woman he was involved with had any true choice or agency in the matter.

Doug Phillips has ruined peoples' lives and relationships, with God and with their families and with other people. To think that he has done this while perpetrating the vilest sort of hypocrisy is sickening.